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GET™ DNA Template-Mag


Genomic Efficient Technology (GET) for purification of DNA templates from diverse sample types, including cells, tissues, mouse tails, plant, blood, nucleated blood cells, body fluid, fixed and embedded tissues, stained specimen, bacteria, yeast, fungal tissues, and so forth.

GET™ is based on a highly efficient Genomic lysis buffer that liberates nucleic acid from cellular protein complexes, making nucleic acids free and available for purification in pure form. Free nucleic acids, DNA templates, are immobilized, in the presence of high concentration of chaotropic agents, on silica surface. Following the capture of DNA template on the silica membrane or beads, a series of washing steps removes interfering impurities. In the final step, pure DNA template is eluted in concentrated form with elution buffer.

The GET™ DNA Template- Mag is based upon the principle of binding of nucleic acids on silica beads with magnetic core in presence of chaotropic salts. Nucleic acids are bound to the silica magnetic beads under high concentrations of chaotropic salts and the impurities are removed during the wash steps (Fig:1). The DNA extraction is rapid with less than 15-30 minutes hands- on time.  



  • Flexible:The kit contains high efficient lysis buffer which is suitable for wide range of samples enabling purification of genomic DNA from various samples.
  • Efficient Technology: Use silica magnetic beads to purify DNA 
  • High Pure DNA: The genomic DNA extracted is highly pure and can be directly used for downstream applications such as PCR, library construction, southern blotting, SNP analysis and molecular diagnostic assays. 
  • User friendly: Less than an 30 minutes hands on time for DNA purification. 



  • Purification of highly pure genomic DNA from various samples such as tissue, plant, bacteria and blood.
  • Purified DNA is suiable for wide range of downstream applications including PCR, library construction, southern blotting, SNP analysis and molecular diagnostic assays




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