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 Our Protein Research section includes products for:

♦ Protein Assays ♦ Electrophoresis ♦ Western Blot ♦ Protein Extraction ♦ Fractionation ♦ 
♦ Sample Preparation ♦ Protein Concentration ♦ Protein Labeling ♦


Our Molecular Biology section offers products for a wide range of areas, including:

♦ Genomic DNA Isolation ♦ Plasmid DNA Tools ♦ RNA Purifcation ♦ PCR Reagents ♦


Our Bioassays section has assays to monitor an array of processes and molecules, including:

♦ Apoptosis ♦ Cell Proliferation ♦ Cell Toxicity ♦ Proteases ♦ SAM Methyltransferases ♦Protein Estimation ♦ Phosphatases ♦ Peroxides ♦ Reporter Proteins

Featured Products

  • PAGE-Perfect™

    For Publication Quality Protein Electrophoresis Gels

  • CB X™ Protein Assay

    The Only Protein Assay You'll Ever Need

  • RED 660™ Protein Assay

    A Ready-To-Use Colorimetric Protein Assay