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Rapid DNA Template Prep™

This product is being discontinued.

An improved version of this product is now available. Click here for more details

The Rapid DNA Template Prep™ kit is suitable for the preparation of DNA templates from blood, cells, animal tissues and plant samples. The method involves solubilization of a sample in Template Extraction Buffer, followed by the selective binding of DNA to our proprietary pinkRESIN™. Following a washing step, the DNA template is eluted from the pinkRESIN™ with a small volume of elution buffer. The isolated template is suitable for PCR and other applications.

One preparation is for 1-10mg animal tissue or 50-100mg plant tissue.






  • For animal and plant samples.
  • Compatible with PCR and other downstream applications.






  • Designed for the rapid preparation of DNA template from a variety of animal and plant samples







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