Arrest™ Extraction Buffer

Arrest™ Extraction Buffer
Arrest™ Extraction Buffer is an optimized combination of various chaotropic agents and RNase inhibitors, which inhibits RNase in 5-10 seconds. Arrest™ Extraction Buffer may be used in conjunction with any RNA extraction method, including extractions based on phenol, chloroform and other organic solvents and detergents.
The quick 10 minute single step protocol isolates high quality total RNA from most species and tissues. Protocol involves homogenization and lysis of samples in Arrest™ Buffer. After removing cellular debris, pure RNA is precipitated from the supernatant with ethanol. 
Conveniently packaged as two 50ml bottles; enough reagent for isolation of RNA from 10 grams of tissue or 200 preps of 50mg tissue each.



  •  Rapidly inhibit destructive RNases
  •  Strong chaotropic buffer for rapid RNA release
  •  Compatible with numerous species and tissues
  •  Suitable for 200 x 50mg extractions



  •  Chaotropic extraction of RNA from multiple species and tissues, with rapid RNase inhibition.



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