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Anthocyanins Assay

Anthocyanins represent the most important group of water-soluble pigments in the visible region detectable by the human eye. These pigments are responsible for the different colors ranging from red to blue present in various fruits, vegetables and cereals, accumulated in cell vacuoles. Anthocyanins have different functions in the plant such as the attraction of pollinators for the subsequent dispersion of seeds and the protection of the plant against the effects of ultraviolet radiation and against viral and microbial contamination. 

Interest in anthocyanin pigments and their aglycans, anthocyanidins, in scientific research have increased in recent years, due not only to the color they confer on products containing them but also to their likely role in the reduction of coronary diseases, cancer or diabetes and to its anti-inflammatory effects and upturn of visual acuity and cognitive behavior. Therefore, in addition to their functional role as colorants, anthocyanins are potential agents in the production of products with added value for human consumption. 

Anthocyanins assay kit is an easy, fast and reliable method for detecting anthocyanins and anthocyanidins in solution.


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