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Nitrite Determination Assay

Nitrite determination assay
Nitrite determination assay

Nitric oxide is an important molecular messenger in the vascular and nervous systems. It has multiple physiological roles, such as vasorelaxation or neuronal signaling, but it also has other complex pathophysiological effects. It is synthesized by the three isoforms of the nitric oxide synthases (eNOS, nNOS and iNOS) from L-arginine in the endothelial cells, neurons, macrophages, etc. and in biological systems it is decomposed to nitrite and nitrate.

The overproduction of nitric oxide may lead to oxidative and nitrosative stress. It has been demonstrated that they enhance the development of a variety of diseases, as well as the ageing process.

Regarding nitrosative stress, high levels of iNOS have been found in various inflammatory diseases such as arthritis and obesity, and increased levels of NO have been also associated to other cardiovascular diseases.


G-Biosciences’ Nitrite Determination Assay is recommended for the determination of nitrite. The assay described here measures the nitrite anion. The detection is based of spectrophotometric properties of diazonium compound (λmax= 540 nm) obtained after several steps of nitrite reaction with sulfanilamide.

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