Acrylamide/ Bisacrylamide (37.5:1); 40% Solution

Acrylamide/ Bisacrylamide (37.5:1); 40% Solution


  • 40% Solution, 38.96% solution containing acrylamide (40%) and bisacrylamide (1.04%) for cross-linker ratio of 37.5:1
  • Acrylamide CAS #: 79-06-1
  • Acrylamide synonym: 2-Propenamide
  • Acrylamide chemical formula: C3H5NO
  • Acrylamide molecular weight: 71.08
  • Bisacrylamide CAS #: 110-26-9
  • Bisacrylamide chemical formula: C7H10N2O2
  • Bisacrylamide molecular weight: 154.17

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