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Fritted Spin Column, 0.1mL

These empty, plastic, disposable <0.1ml spin columns have an internal volume of 0.6ml and is designed for small scale purifications using 1.5 and 2ml centrifuge tubes. Ideal for resins volumes 5-100µl.

The unique design includes a snap off stopper attached to the column (see figure). The column can be spun with the stopper attached and then snapped off to elute solutions. For further storage or incubation, simply push the column into the stopper.

Supplied with O-ring screw caps. Frits are supplied but not installed in the column.


  • Total Volume: 0.6ml
  • Resin Volume: 5-100µl
  • Reservoir Volume: 500µl
  • Closure: Snap off stopper
  • Cap: O-ring screw cap
  • Frit: 15-50µm median pore size, hydrophilic polyethylene

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