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A Mini Horizontal Gel Electrophoresis System
A simple and economical device for a variety of agarose electrophoresis applications. Supplied with agarose gel casting tray, horizontal tank, and optional mini power supply unit (Complete-Electrophore™).
The ultimate in simplicity and convenience in casting agarose gels. Light-weight and simple to use. The gel casting tray is designed to eliminate the leak problems common with other gel casting trays. The device allows casting of agarose gels in two sizes:  two 5 x 8.3cm mini gels and one 10.5 x 8.3cm gel.
The casting trays are provided with background black strips for high well visibility. Supplied with two mini gel trays and one large trays and two different size combs. The combs provide either 13 and 6 wells (0.6 x 0.1cm well) or 17 and 8 wells (0.4 x 0.1cm well) for the large and mini gels, respectively.
Interlocked ventilated fog free lid allows full view of gel during electrophoresis.
Replacement parts are also available including additional combs (MT-C01, MT-C02), gel trays (MT-T01, MT-T02), casting tray (MT-T03) or a complete Gel Casting Set (1 Casting Tray, 2 Combs, 1 Large Tray & 2 Small Trays) (MT-T04).



  • Eliminates gel leaking issues, no taping required.
  • Cast two gel sizes; two 5 x 8.3cm and one 10.5 x 8.3cm gels.
  • Designed for easy well identification.
  • Two combs provided for small and large wells.
  • Supplied with optional power supply.



  • A complete horizontal agarose electrophoresis system.
  • Additional combs and gel trays are also available.



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