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Prep Desalting Column

Prep Desalting columns are ready to use prepacked columns for separation of low molecular weight substances from high molecular weight substances based on size exclusion chromatography. Prep Desalting columns are mostly used for removal of salt or buffer exchange before or after different chromatographic steps. Prep Desalting columns can be used for separation of proteins based on their sizes. G‐ Biosciences offer different sizes of desalting columns.   Prep Desalting columns are made of biocompatible polypropylene, which does not interact with biomolecules. The column has a stopper at the inlet and one top plug, one end cap, two filter discs (one is inserted and the other is provided as optional extra) and 1-way stopcock (for 30 ml and 150 ml columns only).


Prep Desalting Columns are shipped at ambient temperature.  Upon arrival, store it at 4°C, DO NOT FREEZE.  This product is stable for 1 year. The resin in the column should be stored in 20% ethanol at 4°C after use.



Chemical stability

All commonly used buffers, 8M urea, 6M guanidine hydrochloride and all non‐ionic detergents. Lower alcohols such as methanol, ethanol and propanol can be added to buffers.

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