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LongLife™ Nuclease

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LongLife™ Nuclease [10U/μl] 0.5ml

LongLife™ Nuclease

Enzymes regularly used in laboratory applications often require preparation of fresh solution before each use. Making fresh enzyme solution for each application is time consuming and wasteful. A wide variety of enzyme preparations in a ready-to-use format are offered.
LongLife™ enzyme preparations have a long shelf life and no weighing or buffer preparation is needed; simply take an aliquot and add in your sample. LongLife™ enzyme preparations contain cofactors necessary for optimal enzymatic activity. Supplied in suspension form and when stored properly have a one year shelf life.
LongLife™ Nuclease is a cocktail preparation containing DNase (deoxyribonuclease) and RNase (Ribonucleases) as well as co-factors necessary for optimal activity. The LongLife™ Nuclease is ready-to-use solution that has a long shelf life (> 1 year). Simply add directly to your sample for high efficiency removal of RNA and DNA. LongLife™ Nuclease can be used in conjunction with protease inhibitor cocktails that do not contain EDTA, a nuclease inhibitor, e.g. FOCUS ProteaseArrest™.
A 1X LongLife™ Nuclease solution contains 80 units DNase and 1.2 Units RNase from bovine pancreas and 0.5mM cofactors.
All LongLife™ Enzymes Available:
LongLife™ Zymolyase® for digestion of yeast & fungal cell walls
LongLife™ Lysozyme for digestion of bacterial cell walls
LongLife™ Proteinase K for digestion of proteins in nucleic acid preparations
LongLife™ Nuclease for removal of nucleic acids
LongLife™ RNase for digestion of RNA
LongLife™ DNase for digestion of DNA
LongLife™ PE LB Lysozyme for digestion of bacterial cell walls & reduction of viscosity build-up due to
presence of nucleases (fully compatible with our PE LB™Systems



  • Ready-to-use enzyme prepartion
  • Contains DNase and RNase
  • Compatible with protease inhibitor cocktails that do not contain EDTA



  • High efficiency removal of DNA and RNA
  • Lysis and extraction of nucleic acids



Material Safety Data Sheet
Technical Literature
Molecular Biology Handbook  A guide to our products for DNA and RNA.
Protease & Phosphatase Inhibitors & Proteases Handbook  A handbook & selection guide for inhibitors of protease & phosphatases & for proteases & assays
Sample Preparation Handbook For Lysis Buffers, Fractionation, Dialysis, Protein Concentration and Enrichment
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