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Protein Electrophoresis

A major tool in the analysis of a species' proteome is the ability to separate and visualize the proteins by electrophoresis, 1D or 2D, and then the subsequent visualization of the proteins. Electrophoresis is a quick, simple and sensitive tool for separating proteins and nucleic acids by size and/or electrical charge. G-Biosciences offers a wide selection of electrophoresis kits, reagents and accessories. The G-Biosciences’ electrophoresis range extends from sample preparation for electrophoresis to running the protein samples by 1D and 2D electrophoresis.
G-Biosciences has also developed a wide selection of electrophoresis gel stains for visualizing proteins that vary in sensitivity, staining time and reversibility.
A wide selection of buffers and chemicals for gel casting and electrophoresis are also available.

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  • Proteomic Protein Controls

    Protein preparations specifically prepared for standardizing electrophoresis methods and p.....


  • Total Protein Extraction (TPE™)

    Extract total protein from cells and tissues for SDS-PAGE Analysis


  • Perfect-FOCUS™

    For Streak Free 2D Gels & Improved Spot Resolution


  • 2D-Xtract™

    A Powerful Extraction Buffer for Complete Solubilization of Proteins. 2D Compatible.


  • FOCUS™ Protein Reduction-Alkylation Kit

    Improves resolution and prevents streaking of protein spots on 2D gels.


  • FOCUS™ Protein Reductant

    A water soluble, odorless, non-toxic and stable reductant for protein reduction. 2D compat.....


  • FOCUS™ DTT [2M]

    Ultra pure proteomic grade DTT


  • FOCUS™ Protein Alkylation

    Ultra pure proteomic grade iodoacetamide reagent kit


  • Equilibration Buffer for IPG Strips

    For Equilibration of IPG Strips prior to Second Dimension Electrophoresis.