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Glycyl-L-proline AMC H-Gly-pro-AMC·HBr Glycyl-L-proline 7-amido-4-methylcoumarin hydrobromide   MOLECULAR BIOLOGY GRADE   White to off white powder   Fluorogenic substrate for dipeptidyl-aminpeptidase IV and prolyl endopeptidase. Yields a blue fluorescen..
H-Ala-pNA·HCl   MOLECULAR BIOLOGY GRADE   H-Ala-pNA·HCl is a substrate for L-alanine aminopeptidase, which is an enzyme that is localized in bacterial cell walls responsible for the cleavage of L-alanine from various peptides. It is found that significant L-alanin..
H-Ala-AMC·TFA   MOLECULAR BIOLOGY GRADE   H-Ala-AMC·TFA is a fluorogenic substrate for aminopeptidase that yields a blue fluorescent solution. Useful in differentiating gram-positive bacteria from gram-negative bacteria.   Store at -15°C in a dry pl..
L-Glutamic acid α-(7-amido-4-methylcoumarin) H-Glu-AMC   MOLECULAR BIOLOGY GRADE   White to off white powder   Forms a colorless, clear solution when dissolved 1% in 80% acetic acid.   Fluorogenic substrate for aminopeptidase a yielding a blue flu..
L-Leucine 7-amido-4- methylcoumarin hydrochloride  L-Leucine (4-methyl-7-coumarinylamide) hydrochloride H-Leu-AMC · HCl   MOLECULAR BIOLOGY GRADE   White to off-white powder   Sensitive fluorogenic substrate for leucine aminopeptidase or a broad spe..
L-Lysine 7-amido-4- methylcoumarin acetate salt H-Lys-AMC · AcOH   MOLECULAR BIOLOGY GRADE Off white to white crystalline powder   Forms a colorless, clear solution when dissolved 5% in water.   Substrate for aminopeptidase b yielding a blue fl..
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