Blocking Reagents

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A selection of blocking reagents and buffers

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Blocking Agents Trial Pack

The Blocking Agents Trial Packs are a set of four G-Biosciences proprietary blocking agents for immunoassays with one being a non-animal protein blocker and another protein free that minimizes the ris..


Convenient ready-to-use blocking solution for Western blots, dot Blots & ELISA   Features 5% novel modified milk protein solution Use for Westerns, ELISA, and dot Blo..


Protein solutions are used for blocking excess binding sites in ELISA, blotting, immunohistochemistry and other immunochemical applications. Each blocking solution will impart certain characteristics ..

BLOK™ Casein

Convenient ready-to-use blocking solutions for Western blots, dot Blots & ELISA   Features   1% Casein (w/v) solution for blocking Westerns, ELISA and dot Blots Ready-to-u..


BLOT-QuickBlocker™ is a novel modified milk protein that is highly soluble and does not inhibit peroxidase detection. The modified milk protein has high blocking efficiency with a clear backgrou..

FirstChoice™ Blocking Buffer

FirstChoice™ Blocking Buffers contain a proprietary protein formulation that offers greater versatility and lack of cross-reactivity.  This makes FirstChoice™ Blocking Buffers ideal a..


FISH-Blocker is a blocking agent that uses a fish protein as the primary blocking agent.  The use of a fish protein, a non-mammalian protein, is that it eliminates or minimizes the interaction of..

NAP (Non Animal Protein)-BLOCKER™

A major drawback of current blocking solutions, such as BSA, casein and milk powder, is that they are derived from animal sources. The presence of animal proteins can often lead to high non-specific b..

Protein-Free Blocking Buffer

Protein-Free Blocking Buffer does not contain protein; it is a proprietary formation of non-protein agents that eliminates non-specific binding sites in ELISA, blotting, immunohistochemistry and other..

Superior™ Blocking Buffer

Superior™ Blocking Buffer contains a proprietary antiginically non-determinant protein for blocking non-specific sites during ELISA, membrane blotting, immunohistochemistry and other application..