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Cis-diol affinity resin


Immobilized Boronic Acid Resin utilizes m-aminophenylboronic acid to isolate small molecular weight compounds such as nucleotides, ribonucleosides, oligonucleotides, coenzymes, catecholamines, and sugars by reversibly binding to cis-diol groups. The formation of a five-member ring complex allows for larger molecular weight compounds to be washed away and small cis-diol containing molecules to be retained until elution by sorbitol solution or reduction of pH.  Compounds >6kDa are excluded by the polyacrylamide resin making this complex ideal for the isolation of small cis-diol containing molecules.

This resin is available as a dry bead or as a suspension slurry.


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Our Boronate resin is designed for the isolation of ribonucleotide and oligonucleotide RNA.   The resin consists of boronic acid covalently linked to a polyacrylamide support that offers simple isolation of small molecular weight compounds that have cis-diol groups.   Mechanism: T..
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