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Custom Affinity Chromatography Services

G-Biosciences are world leading experts in the field of affinity chromatography.  Expertise and experience utilized by a wide range of partners from academic researchers to large pharmaceutical companies to biotechnology companies are available to to you.  Trust our scientists to propose and execute a process that will maximize your yields and minimize your costs.  We have the expertise to couple through primary amines, carboxyl groups, sulfhudryl groups, carbohydrate groups and more.  We have experience coupling theraputic agents, amino acids, antibodies, enzymes, protein A, protein G, C-reactive protein, antibiotics, heparin, folic acid and a host of other agents.

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Case Study 1

An academic researcher contacted G-Biosciences with a novel proof of concept related to cancer therapeutics.  The project involved cross-linking a large enzyme which had to be optimized to retain activity.  The chemistry was optimized and the researcher was able to generate data to move the project forward.


Case Study 2

A biotech company focused on protein isolation has relied on G-Biosciences affinity chromatography expertise.  This long-term relationship has fostered a partnership that has lasted over a decade and spanned several dozen collaborations.

Visit our affinity purification resins page to see our off the shelf resins that are available.  Contact and expert to discuss your project


Case Study 3

A biotech company developed a novel affinity ligand for purification of biological target molecules, however, they lacked adequate skills and resources to fully characterize and develop application data to successfully introduce their product into the market. The company reached out to us for the characterization of their affinity ligand/resin and development of applications data.

Case Study 4

A USA based diagnostic company after discovery of their target molecules, reached to us for development of affinity chromatography matrix to implement bulk production of their target molecules.  

After taking their design specifications we developed their affinity chromatography resin. 

Outcome: We became source for their affinity chromatography matrix and enabled their team to quickly advance their strategic planning.

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