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L-Arginine 7-amido-4-methylcoumarin dihydrochloride

H-Arg-AMC·2HCl   MOLECULAR BIOLOGY GRADE   Excellent flourogenic substrate for quantitative determination of cathepsin H activity. Also a useful substrate for aminopeptida..

L-Arginyl-L-arginine 7-amido-4-methylcoumarin trihydrochloride

H-Arg-Arg-AMC · 3 HCI   MOLECULAR BIOLOGY GRADE   Fluorogenic substrate for cathepsin B or aminopeptidase III. Yields a blue fluorescent solution upon cleavage.   ..

N-alpha-CBZ-L-Arginine 7-amido-4-methylcoumarin hydrochloride

N-α-CBZ-L-Arginine 7-amido-4-methylcoumarin hydrochloride N-alpha-Z-L-Arginine AMC HCl; N-alpha-CBZ-Arg-AMC · HCl; Z-Arg-AMC · HCl   MOLECULAR BIOLOGY GRADE  ..