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Agarose Electrophoresis Running Buffers & Chemicals

Molecular grade, concentrated running buffers for DNA and RNA electrophoresis

  • MOPS Running Buffer [10X]

    Buffers for running and loading denaturing, native, tricine and IEF gels. Zymogram relate.....


  • TAE Running Buffer [50X]

    Tris-Acetate-EDTA Running Buffer [50X]


  • TBE Running Buffer [10X]

    TBE Running Buffer [10X]


  • Agarose I (All purpose agarose)

    A General Purpose Agarose with High Electrophoresis Mobility.


  • Agarose II (Low Melting)

    A Low Melting Agarose for Improved In Gel Manipulation


  • Agarose MS

    High purity, ultra high resolution small fragment analysis agarose.


  • Agarose IV (Highest Gel Strength)

    For Improved Resolution of Small DNA Fragments and PCR Products


  • TBE-Urea Sample Buffer

    Sample loading buffer for TBE-Urea gels for ssDNA oligos or RNA separation