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General Biotechnology

Our Bioscience Excellence General Biotechnology Kits are simple, self contained, school level kits designed to introduce students to some of the simple concepts of modern biotechnology.  Students will learn about DNA, genes, proteins, enzymes and bacteria.

  • Biotechnology in Your Mouth

    A kit to discover bacteria, proteins and enzymes in your mouth.


  • DNA Fingerprinting

    A simulated forensic experiment to solve the crime.


  • DNA Strands Revealed

    Visualize DNA strands by winding them onto a rod.


  • How Clean Is Our Water

    A kit to test the purity of water.


  • Microorganisms In Our Environment

    Discover the invisible microbes that live on us and around us.


  • My Genes: The Blueprint of Life

    A kit to isolate your own DNA from cheek (Buccal) cells.


  • Unlocking the Mysteries of Genetic Material

    A simple, bacterial transformation kit to turn bacteria green.