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Protease Assays & Screening Systems

We offer a selection of assays to detect and screen for proteases in biological solutions.
Protease Screening Kits are available to screen for the presence of proteases. We also offer  ProteSEEKER™ which allows scientists to identify specific protease types using a panel of protease inhibiotors and a sensitive colorimetric protease assay.

Both colorimetric and flourometric Protease Assay Kits are available. Two Protease Assay Substrates are offered for researchers to design their own assays; a colormetric, resourifin-casein substrate and a fluorometric, FITC-casein substrate. We have Protease Inhibitor Sets to aid in the classification and identification of proteases as well as a wide selection of individual protease inhibitors and inhibitor cocktails.


  • ProteSEEKER™

    Identify Destructive Proteases


  • Protease Screening Kit

    Does your sample contain protease activity?


  • Protease Assay Kit

    For Assay of Protease Activity


  • Fluoro™ Protease Assay

    A Fluorometric, Quantitative Protease Assay


  • Protease Assay Substrates

    Resorufin and FITC Casein protease substrates


  • Protease Inhibitor Set

    100X Concentrated Protease Inhibitor Selection