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Sample Preparation

Sample preparation is a key procedure in sample analysis.  Frequently, the component of interest is present in levels too low for detection or the presence of interfering matrix elements can mask the analysis of the component of interest. Sample preparation can concentrate the component to adequate levels for measurement and remove excess contaminants to yield clean, informative samples. G-Biosciences offers a variety of products for sample preparation.

Dialysis is a popular technique used for the exchange of buffer medium across semi-permeable membranes. Dialysis devices are available in many configurations for research applications. We offer innovative dialysis devices and accessories for processing small samples. Tube-O-Array is available for the dialysis of up to 12 samples at one time.

Many research applications require concentration of dilute protein solutions. Protein solutions may be concentrated by precipitation, chromatographic capture and elution, or by lyophilization. G-Biosciences offers a selection of protein concentration systems suitable for concentrating proteins for running gels, raising antibodies, protein purification, protein assays and other applications.  Proteins concentrated with these kits are suitable for the majority of downstream applications.

For removing contaminants such as detergents, salts, dyes, and radioisotopes we offer a selection of contamination removal systems. These include our ready-to-use disposable desalting columns and Spin-OUT Columns for removing contamination from protein and nucleic acid samples.
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  • DeSalting Columns

    Ready-to-use disposable columns for separating macromolecules


  • UPPA-PROTEIN-Concentrate™

    Rapid Precipitation & Concentration of Dilute Proteins


  • OrgoSol-PROTEIN-Concentrate™

    Preserve Biological Activity during Concentration


  • UPPA-I & II Pack

    For Concentrating Dilute Proteins


  • Column-PROTEIN-Concentrate™

    For Larger Volumes of Dilute Protein Solutions


  • Tube-O-DIALYZER™

    Efficient Dialysis with 100% Sample Recovery


  • Tube-O-Reactor™

    Complete System for Protein Cross Linking, Modification, Labeling & Conjugation Reactions


  • DIALYZER-Enhance

    Enhance your dialysis rate and remval of unwanted products.



    For the rapid concentration of protein solutions with zero protein loss.