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Antibody Purification Resins

G-Biosciences provide a wide array of reagents for the purification of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies. For researchers preparing human IgA, free of contaminating IgG we provide Immobilized Jacalin. Consistent binding of constant domains of immunoglobulin (Ig) molecules is easy with the high capacity binding of Immobilized Protein A. One step purification of classes, subclasses, and fragments of Ig’s for biological fluids and cell culture media is simple with Immobilized Protein G. Protein A/G binds well to IgG subclasses but does not bind IgA, IgM or serum albumin. This makes Immobilized Protein A/G an excellent tool for purification and detection of monoclonal antibodies from IgG subclasses, without interference from IgA, IgM and serum albumin. Individual subclasses of monoclonal antibodies are likely to have a stronger affinity to the chimeric Protein A/G than to either Protein A or Protein G. Immobilized Protein A and Protein G are also available in a high-throughput 96-well spin plate format. Immobilized Protein A/G is available in resin slurry and column configurations.

Reducing time and simplifying the purification process is possible with Protein A Magnetic Beads and Protein G Magnetic Beads. As an alternative to an agarose matrix, these 1µm coated Fe3O4 beads are ideal for immunoprecipitations, co-immunoprecipitations, ChIP, protein isolation, and small-scale IgG purification.

The Pearl™ line of purification reagents were optimized to make your purification clean, fast, and physiologically relevant. Ensure your antibody is in an optimal buffer and free from interfering agents with the Pearl™ Antibody Clean Up Kit.  Rapidly purify IgG with Pearl™ IgG Purification Resin. Easily purify antibodies from cell culture supernatant and ascites fluid with the Pearl™ Monoclonal IgG Purification Kit.

Also available are our proprietary, prepacked, G-Trap™ columns. The G-Trap™ Protein G column has a 6% agarose matrix covalently crosslinked to Protein G by a proprietary, highly efficient coupling chemistry. The recombinant Protein G has been designed to exclude the albumin and cell surface binding regions of the protein.  The G-Trap™ Protein G column is available in both 1mL and 5mL sizes. The G-Trap™ Protein A column is packed with fast flow resin, which is covalently coupled to recombinant Protein A. Recombinant Protein A is coupled covalently by proprietary coupling method to highly crosslinked 6% agarose. The recombinant Protein A, produced in E. coli, has been genetically engineered to enhance its binding capacity to the antibodies.

Purify IgG molecules in near neutral pH with our low cost, high binding capacity Thiophilic Adsorption Resin Kit. This kit includes all of the buffers and columns necessary for your IgG purification. For IgM purification, IgY purification, and general protein purification we recommend our Thiophilic Resin.

G-Biosciences also provide accessories for protein purification such as IgG Binding, Wash, and Elution Buffers.  For more information please download our Protein Purification and Protein Resin Handbooks.

Download the Protein Purification Handbook for a full list of related products

Download the Purification Resins Handbook for Complete Product List

Immobilized Protein A is for binding the constant domains of immunoglobulin (Ig) molecules (see Figure 1). Protein A is coupled to agarose beads by reductive amination method that provides high coupling efficiency for immunoglobulins and minimal protein A leaching (<5ng protein A/ml). Our im..
Commercially available antibodies are mostly stored in buffers containing antibody stabilizers, such as BSA and Gelatin, or other amine containing buffering agents, such as tris, that may interfere in downstream applications of antibodies. These proteins and buffering agents can interfere with label..
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