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Western Blotting

Transfer systems, chemiluminescence and chromogenic detection systems, blocking and wash buffers, antibodies and enzyme labelling kits.
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  • SWIFT™ Transfer Pads

    Enhanced protein transfer, including high molecular weight proteins


  • Efficient™ Western Transfer Buffer

    An Improved Transfer Buffer for Increased Protein Transfer Efficiency


  • High Molecular Weight Transfer Buffer [5X]

    For the transfer of notoriously difficult high molecular weight proteins


  • Membranes & Padding

    For Efficient Western Protein Transfer



    For Western blot development using HRP conjugates



    Chemiluminescence Western blot detection of AP conjugates


  • femtoCHROMO™-AP

    Chromogenic Detection of Alkaline Phosphatase


  • femtoCHROMO™-HRP

    A chromogenic kit for the detection of HRP


  • BLOT-FastStain™

    A rapid and reversible protein stain for transfer membranes