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Protein Quantitation Assays

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Protein assays, most notably quantitation or estimation assays, for determining protein concentration are one of the most widely used methods in life science research. Protein estimation of protein concentration is necessary in protein purification, electrophoresis, cell biology, molecular biology, and other research applications. We offer a unique selection of protein estimation assays that are improvements on the Biuret, Lowry, BCA and Bradford assays.  Each assay has its own benefits, however the NI™ (Non-Interfering™) Protein Assay and CB X™ Protein Assay overcome all interfering agents.

Although there are a wide variety of protein assays available, none of the assays can be used without first considering their suitability for the application. Each method has its own advantages and limitations and often it is necessary to obtain more than one type of protein assay for research applications.For additional information on protein assays, read the introduction to  "Protein Assays Handbook".

Our Reducing Agent Compatible BCA Protein Assay is supplied with the Reducing Agent Compatibility Agent (RACA) that modifies reducing agents to limit their effect on the reduction of the assay’s copper ions, preventing inhibition of the assay.  The use of RACA allows for samples containin..
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