Hybridization Buffers

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For Cleaner Backgrounds   A high performance hybridization buffer system providing researchers with unprecedented simplicity, reliability, accuracy, and cost saving for hybridization. EKONO&tra..


Hyb-LINK™ is a high performance formamide-free hybridization solution for Northern, Southern and Dot blots that increases sensitivity of random-primer DNA probes. Hyb-LINK™ capitalizes on ..

Hybridization Denaturing Solution

For more hybridization buffers, click here.   Features 1.5M sodium chloride 0.5M  sodium hydroxide ..

Hybridization Neutralizing Solution

For more hybridization buffers, click here. Features 1M Tris·HCl (pH 7.4) 1.5M sodium chloride ..

Hybridization Solution I

For more hybridization buffers, click here. Features 0.9M sodium chloride 0.09M trisodium citrate 5% Tween® 20 ..

TMAC Hyb Solution [3X]

A 3X concentrated tetramethyl ammonium chloride hybridization solution   For more hybridization buffers, click here. Features 3M tetramethyl ammonium chloride 0.05M Tris&mid..

TNT Buffer

A general molecular biology and hybridization buffer   For more hybridization buffers, click here. Features 0.1M Tris·HCl (pH 7.5) 0.15M sodium chloride 0.05% Tw..

Church & Gilbert's Hybridization Buffer

Church & Gilbert’s Hybridization Buffer is prepared from molecular biology grade SDS, monosodium phosphate, EDTA and BSA Fraction V using DNase, RNase and Protease-free water.   F..

Denhardt's Solution [100X]

Suitable for nucleic acid hybridization. Denhardt's solution is a mixture of high-molecular weight polymers capable of saturating non-specific binding sites and artificially increasing the concent..

SSC Buffer [20X]

Saline-Sodium Citrate Hybridization Buffer [20X] controls stringency during the washing steps in Southern blotting, in situ hybridization, DNA microarray or Northern blotting. 20X SSC may be..

SSPE Buffer [20X]

Saline-Sodium Phosphate-EDTA Hybridization Buffer [20X]   For more hybridization buffers, click here.    Features       0.2M phosphate b..