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Transfection Reagents

G-FECT™ DNA Transfection reagents are a series of powerful DNA transfection reagents for the effective and reproducible DNA delivery into mammalian cells.  G-FECT™ can be used for plasmid transfection, genome editing, virus production and more.  Four G-FECT™ reagents are offered with varying efficiency and cell toxicity.  All the G-FECT™ transfection reagents show lower toxicity without using organic solvents and can be used in cultured cells with or without serum or antibiotics.:

  1. G-FECT™: An affordable transfection reagent for everyday DNA transfections.
  2. G-FECT™-Plus: For increased transfection efficiency.
  3. G-FECT™-LT: A modified version of G-FECT™ that offers low cell toxicity.
  4. G-FECT™-LT-Plus: A modified version of G-FECT™-Plus that offers low cell toxicity and increased transfection efficiency.

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