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Swift Membrane Stain™ (25 Citations)

30 second reversible membrane stain
Reversible Membrane Stain
30 second reversible membrane stain
Reversible Membrane Stain

Swift™ Membrane Stain is a unique, proprietary (patents pending), rapid, reversible, ready-to-use membrane stain for proteins on nitrocellulose or PVDF membranes. Swift™ Membrane Stain stains proteins faster and with 500 times more sensitivity than the routinely used Ponceau-S stain and other commercially available protein stains. The lower detection limit of Swift™ Membrane Stain is approximately 0.5ng protein (BSA) per band on nitrocellulose membranes. Swift™ Membrane Stain stains only proteins, leaving remarkably clear backgrounds without the need to perform additional steps for background removal.  The strong staining allows for easier image capture due to the powerful bright blue stain against a clear white background. Swift™ Membrane Stain can be completely removed from the membrane in less than one minute without affecting the biological or immunological properties of the immobilized proteins. This offers an advantage over Coomassie-based stains, as these are irreversible and can interfere with Western blotting. The kit components are sufficient for 20 blots of 8 x 8cm size. provides an interactive version of this protocol where you can discover and share optimizations with the research community.


  • Reversible, ready-to-use membrane stain for proteins
  • Compatible with nitrocellulose or PVDF
  • Lower detection limit is ~0.5ng protein (BSA)/band on nitrocellulose membrane
  • Outperforms routinely used Ponceau-S
  • Outperforms Coomassie based stains


  • For reversible staining of PVDF and nitrocellulose membranes
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Technical Literature
Membrane Stains for IR Imaging Infrared (IR) Imaging of Western blots is a fast growing application with several companies offering imaging system and near infrared fluorophores.  IR imaging offers many benefits over chemiluminescence and as a result popularity is growing.   Despite the advancement in these detection system, the quality of the blot is still crucial and proper controls should be maintained.  One key control is loading controls.  Total protein stains are become widely accepted as loading controls over measuring housekeeping genes.  The main reasons for this are: Take into account total protein profile not one single protein Fast, takes a few minutes as opposed to hours for antibody development Affordable as no expensive antibodies required Reversible, total protein stains can be completely removed   The big question is "Are there IR Imaging System Compatible Stains?"   Download the free application note to review independent data on the use of G-Biosciences reversible membrane stains!
Swift Membrane Stain Outperforms Ponceau-S A 30 second membrane stain that outperforms routinely used Ponceau-S
Western Blotting Handbook From protein electrophoresis and Western transfer to blocking, probing and detection of membrane immobilized proteins.

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