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A large variety of mass spectrometry compatible proteases, sequencing grade proteases, and general proteases are offered.  

Our mass spectrometry grade protease, MSG-Trypsin™ is a chemically modified trypsin that is enzymatically active but resistant to autolysis.  Our mass spectrometry grade trypsin is available from both bovine and porcine origin.

An array of sequencing grade proteases such as SG-Chymotrypsin™, SG-Lysine-C™, SG-Glutamic-C™, and SG-Arginine-C™ are available from G-Biosciences.  These endopeptidases are highly specific and optimized for increased stability.

G-Biosciences also provide high quality proteases such as Trypsin, and Proteinase K.


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A Chemically Modified, TPCK treated, Affinity Purified Trypsin. G-Biosciences' Mass Spectrometry Grade Trypsin is chemically methylated to yield an enzymatically active protein with maximum trypsin specificity and extreme resistance to autolysis. In addition, the modified trypsin is TPCK tr..
G-Biosciences Immobilized Soybean Trypsin Inhibitor (STI) resin is designed for the efficient removal of trypsin, chymotrypsin and elastase proteases from protein digests. The action of the Immobilized STI resin will stop enzymatic reactions, in addition to removing the proteases and simplifying the..
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