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Antibody Purification Resins

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Affinity chromatography plays a major role in their production of antibodies and antibody-based products. The basis for antibody affinity chromatography is the high affinity and specificity of protein A and protein G for the Fc-region of IgG from a variety of species. 

Protein A and G immobilized on chromatography media and are highly effective in isolating subclasses of IgG from ascites fluid, cell culture supernatants, and serum. Protein A and protein G differ in their ability to bind antibodies of different species and subclasses, and are widely used for the routine purification of antibodies.

G-Biosciences Pearl Resin is also offered as a one-step purification of IgGs from serum.

Resins for IgM, IgY and IgA are also available.

Immobilized Protein A is for binding the constant domains of immunoglobulin (Ig) molecules (see Figure 1). Protein A is coupled to agarose beads by reductive amination method that provides high coupling efficiency for immunoglobulins and minimal protein A leaching (<5ng protein A/ml). Our im..
Commercially available antibodies are mostly stored in buffers containing antibody stabilizers, such as BSA and Gelatin, or other amine containing buffering agents, such as tris, that may interfere in downstream applications of antibodies. These proteins and buffering agents can interfere with label..
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