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Plasmid Purification & Colony Screening

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A selection of products for the isolation, transformation and high throughput screening of plasmids.

GET™ Plasmid DNA 96-Well kit is designed for the high throughput preparation of plasmid DNA from 96 x 1-5ml E. coli cultures. The kit utilizes a 96 well format enhanced DNA binding plate to produce high yields of plasmid. This quick and easy protocol eliminates toxic phenol/chloroform ext..
Isolates high quality plasmid DNA from 1-5ml E. coli cultures. The kit utilizes an enhanced DNA binding column to produce high yields of plasmid. This quick and easy protocol eliminates toxic phenol/ chloroform extractions or lengthy ethanol precipitations. On completion of the protocol, the plasmid..
HP Ampicillin™ is a stronger and more stable inhibitor of ß-lactamase than regular ampicillin and, therefore, supports only the growth of ampicillin resistant colonies even after prolonged incubation.   Culture plates can be incubated for a longer period at 37°C, eliminating t..
Hydroxylamine•HCl is a reducing agent that is routinely used for the deacetylation of SATA to form free sulfhydryls (Figure 1), for cleavage of protein cross-linkers that contain carbonyl groups (i.e. EGS) and for mutagenesis of plasmid DNA.   Features Synonym: Hydroxylammonium chlor..
Plasmid Screening Toothpick™ is a unique system that allows for the rapid screening of bacteria for transformed plasmids, without the need for an overnight culture. Pick a colony, add to Plasmid Screening Toothpick™ reagents and then analyze using restriction enzymes.   Feat..
G-Biosciences Silica Magnetic Beads are Fe3O4 magnetic beads coated with a silicon dioxide (SiO2) layer. Since silica is able to bind to the nucleic acids, G-Biosciences Silica Magnetic Beads serve as a simple and efficient tool for plasmid DNA purification for transfection or sequencing application..
Toothpick™-PCR is an extension of Toothpick™ and allows for the rapid release of plasmids from transformed bacteria for screening by polymerase chain reaction (PCR). There is no requirement for growing bacteria, performing "minipreps" or purifying the plasmid DNA.   Add ..
The Z-Competent™ E. coli Transformation kit is designed to generate competent E. coli cells for simple and highly efficient E. coli transformation.   E. coli are grown in SOB medium (supplied with Cat. # GZ-5), washed and suspended in our supplied Competent Buffer. The bacterial cells a..
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