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2D Electrophoresis

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G-Biosciences offer a large selection of 2D gel electrophoresis (2DGE) and IEF optimized reagents for the crucial preparation of native protein samples. We provide 2DGE sample clean up to ensure high quality spot resolution.  We offer mass spectrometry compatible protein stains for spot identification and proprietary InGel digestion kits for both Coomassie and Silver stained gels.

Proper preparation of protein samples for 2DGE is integral to the success of your experiment. We offer IEF and 2DGE optimized detergents such as 2-D Detergent™ Nonidet® P-40 Substitute and 2-D Detergent™ Triton® X-100  which contain reduced peroxides, carbonyl compounds and have less than 15µS conductivity. 

The IEF and 2DGE clean up kit, Perfect-FOCUS™, is optimized for the preparation of low conductivity protein samples which are free from detergents, salts, peptides, nucleic acids, lipids, phenols, and other small charged molecules.

Our 2DGE and mass spectrometry compatible FOCUS™ FASTsilver™ produces crystal clear backgrounds without inhibiting downstream proteolytic digestion required for mass spectrometry. 

A variety of additional 2DGE reagents such as FOCUS™ Extraction buffers, 2D-Xtract™, FOCUS™ Protein Reductant, FOCUS™ Protein Alkylation, FOCUS™ DTT, Proteomic grade water are specifically optimized to retain the native charge of your protein of interest. Convenient kits for reduction and alkylation of samples for enhanced protein spot resolution are also available.

G-Biosciences manufacture the 2DGE and IEF optimized FOCUSbrand reagents under strict quality control conditions to ensure the highest 2DGE performance.

Many commercial grade detergents contain elevated levels of sulfhydryl oxidizing agents, peroxides, salts and carbonyl compounds (Figure 1). The proteins that are isolated with these detergents are highly susceptible to contaminating peroxides and carbonyls. The peroxides will oxidize proteins and t..
A suitable protein solubilization buffer for 2D analysis must solubilize proteins effectively, without disturbing the native charge of the proteins. Urea based solubilization buffers solubilize proteins effectively, however can modify the native charge of the proteins, due to carbamylation. Ure..
Features CAS #: 79-06-1 Chemical Formula: C3H5NO Molecular Weight: 71.08   ..
Simply heat and use for sealing the IPG strips for SDS-PAGE analysis. The Agarose Sealing Solution is prepared in a proprietary buffer to minimize reoxidation of the competing thiol pairs as proteins enter into the second dimension gel. Improves resolution and prevents streaking of protein spots on ..
Add an appropriate volume of the supplied rehydration buffer to the dry, ready-to-use, urea based equilibration buffer.   Eliminates worries about urea induced protein carbamylation or waste of unused reagents, as fresh and ready-to-use reagents are prepared every time.   The Equilibra..
For those who prefer DTT as a reducing agent, we offer ultra pure proteomic grade DTT for protein reduction. FOCUS™ DTT is supplied as 5 vials containing dry powder to maintain the activity of the reducing agent. Reconstitute in 0.8ml proteomic grade water for a final volume of 1ml at 2M ..
Chaotropic extraction buffers that preserve the native charge of proteins making them suitable for sample extraction for 2D gels   One of the most important considerations before running 2D gel electrophoresis is the choice of protein solubilization buffers. A suitable buffer must solubilize ..
The kit is supplied with a proprietary buffer necessary for efficient alkylation of thiols, while minimizing reoxidation of the competing thiol pairs in protein samples. Simply add an appropriate amount to reagent solutions for alkylation of protein thiol groups.  Features  Pro..
A water soluble, odorless, non-toxic and stable TCEP [Tris (2-carboxyethyl) phosphine] reductant for protein reduction.   FOCUS™ Protein Reductant has improved stability and efficiency compared to DTT and reduces proteins over a wide range of pH, including lower acidic pH. FOCUS™ ..
The FOCUS™ Reduction-Alkylation kit offers a simple two-step method for reduction and alkylation of protein samples for 2D gel analysis.   The disulfide bonds are reduced with a highly reactive and stable TCEP [Tris (2-carboxyethyl) phosphine] followed by blocking of the thiols by alkyl..
Reducing agents are used in the reduction of disulfide bonds of proteins and peptides.  It is often necessary to remove the reducing agents from the protein/peptide solutions to prevent them from interfering with subsequent procedures.  However, for small proteins, and particularly peptide..
The InGel™ Blue kit provides a complete set of reagents for the in gel tryptic digestion and extraction of peptides for mass spectrometry (MALDI and LC MS/MS).  The kit is specifically designed for use with Coomassie or fluorescent stained protein spots/bands.   The kit has all th..
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