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Buffers, Reagents & Chemicals

G-Biosciences offers quality reagents for a wide variety of research applications. These ready to use solutions provide a convenient, reliable and cost effective supply of high quality reagents. Each reagent lot undergoes strict quality control to ensure expected performance. A large selection of chemicals are available and include PBS, Triton-X, Molecular Grade Water, and our Molecular Biology Universal Kit.


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  • Dry Powder Buffer Packs

    Premixed Buffer Powders for PBS, TBS and Carbonate-Bicarbonate Buffer.


  • RBC Lysis Buffer

    A specific buffer for the lysis of red blood cells.


  • Superior™ Blocking Buffer

    For high signal to background in Western blotting, ELISA and immunohistochemistry.


  • Protein-Free Blocking Buffer

    A protein free blocking agent for Western blotting, ELISA and other applications


  • FirstChoice™ Blocking Buffer

    A protein based blocking buffer


  • FISH-Blocker

    A non mammalian protein blocking agents for ELISA and Western blotting


  • Gel Drying Solution

    For even drying of protein electrophoresis gels


  • TNBS

    2,4,6-trinitrobenzene sulfonic acid; Picrylsulfonic Acid


  • Normal Saline