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  • FOCUS™ Mitochondria

    For the fractionation and enrichment of intact, active mitochondria.


  • Nuclear & Cytoplasmic Extraction Kit

    For the enrichment of nuclei and cytoplasm.


  • FOCUS™ Cytoplasmic & Nuclear Proteins

    Fractionation of cytoplasmic and nuclear proteins from cells and tissues.


  • FOCUS™ Membrane Proteins

    For the fractionation of highly enriched membrane proteins


  • FOCUS™ Soluble & Insoluble

    For the fractionation of soluble and insoluble proteins.


  • Fraction-FOCUS™

    Fractionation for cleaner 2D gel maps


  • InGel™ Silver

    For in gel digestion of silver stained protein spots for mass spectrometry analysis. .....



    Optimization of protein purification strategies


  • HOOK™ Peptide Coupling Kits

    For Coupling Peptides to Carrier Proteins