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Extraction and Lysis Systems

We offer a wide variety of products for protein extraction and lysis.


Our protein extraction and lysis buffer systems (PE LB™) ensure good protein recovery, while maintaining the biological activity of the proteins. The solubilized proteins are suitable for enzyme assays, electrophoresis, folding studies, chromatographic studies and many other downstream applications. The PE LB™ systems offer a wide selection of buffers for lysis and extraction of proteins from bacteria, yeast, mammalian cell cultures and tissues.


FOCUS™ Proteome Kits are for the preparation of total protein, including soluble, insoluble, membrane, cytoplasmic, nuclear, signal, phospho- and glyco- proteins. These kits are simple to use, save time, improve the quality of protein analysis and enhance the chances of discovery of novel proteins.  They are suitable for the analysis of proteins using electrophoresis and other biochemical techniques and are compatible with biological samples from tissues, cells, plants, yeast, bacteria, insects and biological samples.


Our lysis buffers and kits include RIPA lysis buffer, a complete lysis buffer; an inclusion bodies solubilzation buffer, IBS™ Buffer; kits for total protein extraction (TPE™) for the extraction of total proteins from cells and tissues, and an RBC lysis buffer specifically designed for the lysis of red blood cells.


Accessories are available to assist with protein extraction and isolation procedures which include our easy grinding resin, a highly efficient grinding resin with matching pestles and Molecular Grinding Resin™ which is available with matching pestles and tubes. We also offer ProteaseArrest™, a general and complete protease inhibitor cocktail solution.

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  • Bacterial PE LB™

    Isolate active proteins from bacterial cells


  • Yeast PE LB™

    Isolate active proteins from yeast cells


  • Mammalian Cell PE LB™

    Isolate active proteins from mammalian cell lines


  • Insect PE LB™

    Isolate active proteins from insect cell lines


  • Tissue PE LB™

    Isolate active proteins from mammalian tissue


  • FOCUS™ Mammalian Proteome

    For the isolation of the total proteome from mammalian tissue and cells.


  • FOCUS™ Yeast Proteome

    For the isolation of total proteome from yeast cells


  • FOCUS™ Insect Proteome

    For the isolation of total proteome from insect cell lines.


  • FOCUS™ Bacterial Proteome

    For the isolation of total proteome from bacteria cells.